Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pierogi lunch

Pierogi lunch
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Store bought saurkraut and mushroom pierogi boiled then pan fried for crispy crusts, served with caramalized onions, chive and sour cream of course!

Potato pierogi are great, but these are my go to pierogi when I don't want to feel guilty. lol.

It's great having them in the freezer, normally they're my midnight snack where I boil up a few and sometimes pan-fry or sometimes not and just eat a big bowl with yogurt. Forget ice cream, with my "savoury tooth" this is my kind of indulgence.


Adrianna Grezak said...

pierog = singular

pierogi = plural

pierogis = grammatically incorrect

Amatullah said...

Thanks - hope I corrected it.