Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comfort food

After finishing the entire paint job in my kitchen I just felt like comfort food so here is what I whipped up with some leftover store bought gnocchi I had in the fridge.

This recipe really surprised me, it is so good and simple and that's what I'm all about!

Brown Butter Bread Crumb Gnocchi

Boiled gnocchi (drain as soon as they float in the boiling salted water)

Throw a dollop of butter into a pan, on medium low let it slowly brown until you smell a toasted smell (not burnt) and see the color begin to transform into a lovely golden colour.

Throw in a handful of breadcrumbs (homemade is always nice, I usually keep some on hand made of leftover bits of bread) add seasonings to your taste and throw in gnocchi mixing it all up until the crumbs coat the little dumplings.

If I had some fresh sage laying around I would have threw some in too.

Delicious and easy side dish!

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