Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project Pantry - Done!

So so so excited about this!!! The project came together beautifully - a custom built cedar heavy duty shelf perfect for all the kitchen things for a functioning kitchen while cabinets/counter tops get renovated/installed.

If you're like me and love to organize then this is a dream come true.

The walls are done in Lowes Valspar "Peach frenzy" which looks like a creamsicle.

A little stocking there... little snacking here...


Kitchen Barbarian said...

Hey! Are those Looza juice jars in the background, looks like they are filled with dahls? Funny if they are, that's what I use my empty Looza juice jars for, LOL!

You were right about posts getting deleted if they have your blog address in them. After I posted to you wondering why mine hadn't been deleted, they went and deleted them! LOL! Should have kept quiet!

Amatullah said...

Hi there!!

Yeah, I noticed it too. A lot of people are angry with the moderation system. Just didn't get how others could but whenever I did it got deleted. My blog isn't even in my profile and I'm definitely not out to promote myself only share recipes and inspirations either from my kitchen and family or from others who've shared their recipes with me (hope I do a good job of crediting people for recipes)

Thanks for stopping in, I've followed you and as for those jars, if you mean the peach nectar jars and such then yeah they are the same type but here we get strained tomato sauce in them :) They're adorable to save!

Mrs Ergül said...

How lovely! I totally need the big shelvings for my woks too! Too bad I don't have the luxury of such a space... Lovely project!

Candace Lynn Grubbs said...

what a good idea i need a extra pantry so bad! our kitchen is so small!

myartistry said...

Great Pantry! It looks so attractive yet simple.