Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pears & Cream

I've been looking so forward to the fall, but when I see the leaves on the ground I just want to stick them back on the trees, maybe I'm just not ready to let go of "summer" just yet or the coolness in the air is reminding me of what's coming ahead .. winter!

Where I grew up I don't remember much of a fall season, winters weren't as cold so it wasn't always the case that leaves fell off trees or you could celebrate the season but in Canada it was like this "secret special" time that fell between summer and winter, everything about it is beautiful .. and I kind of look forward to it every year, it's my "winter" before things get too unbearable and I shut myself off from the world and hibernate.

My favourite things that remind me of fall are things that are from all over but mostly Canada.

Chestnut is a winter thing back home where I remember toasting them on a carrosine heater and burning my fingers trying to peel them because we were too impatient to wait for them to cool down before popping them into our mouths, but in Canada it feels like a fall thing. I love the toasty nutty scent and creamy starchy insides. YUM!

Neighbouhood afternoon walks - I remember these with grandma

Sweaters - that ties into the walk because you wear them outdoors!

Squash and pumnpkin, because they're so beautiful and not so much the carving/halloween aspect but just from the excitment of seeing them in stores and whipping up all sorts of interesting seasonal dishes.

Last but not least who can forget the change in color of the leaves, racking them off the lawn and the crinkling sounds of jumping into the piles of dry leaves and rolling around in them as kids was always the best part.

Above, a pears and cream blended drink with a hint of spice before starting work on my kitchen, lots of priming and painting..


Anh said...

I am so happy to find your blog! Stunning!!

Anonymous said...

This set of photos is incredible. Have you sprayed anything on the leaves, or were they shiny upon picking up? I will definitely be trying that drink tomorrow morning for breakfast.



Amatullah said...

Thank you Anh and squirrel bread, nothing on the leaves just plain rain. It's wet out there and I just shoot as things are :)

Thanks for visiting!