Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Strawberry Maple Balsamic French Toast

What is better than french toast? well to me, nothing! I ADORE this food, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and here I'm enjoying a rich french toast dinner. 

French toast couldn't be any simpler and rivals any baked desserts and cakes that take time to whip up. I picked up a nice Challah from the St.Lawrence market on friday (that's 5 days ago) and the beauty in this recipe is that you just let your bread go stale!

Slice the bread in thick slices. Set aside. 

I tend to do one and a half egg per slice since they're super thick. 

6 slices of toast is generous for 3 servings
Lots of butter (well about 1 tbsp per each slices)
9 eggs, break into a sieve set over a big bowl
Add milk
3 tbsp vanilla sugar (or sugar and vanilla extract)
A big splash of heavy cream (optional but oh so worth it!) 

Whisk the eggs into the sieve and once it all goes through remove the sieve and set aside, we just want to strain any stringy bits. 

Lay the slices of toast in a big casserole enough to hold them all laying flat (no overlapping) pour the custard over top and let it soak up. Flip them once for the other side to soak up. 

Heat your pan medium low and add 1 tbsp butter, you should be able to put 2 slices in the pan and then flip them half way through. 
Keep going until you're done all of them.

Strawberry Maple Balsamic:

3-4 cups fresh local Ontario strawberries, remove stems and slice roughly
1/4 cup sugar (or vanilla sugar!)
a drizzle Maple Balsamic (from Olive That!)

To serve: Lots of local Canadian Maple syrup!


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Jenny @ BAKE said...

I love your photos they are just so vibrant! I would love a plate of this right now!