Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Curly Dogs

Spring around here is about BBQ and wildlife! Keeping the birds and animals safe while doing a bit of grilling on the side as well as gardening.

Here's a fun trick to get those spiraly, bouncy "Curly hotdogs" Simply stick a thin kebob skewer into one and then place flat on a cutting board and begin slicing on a diagonal and in one straight slice... as you slowly roll the hotdog (with the help of the skewer) it turns and you end up slicing lower and lower like the stripes on a candy cane! And voila!! Remove the skewer and you've got this fun spiral then just grill them up.
-1 pack hotdogs (We used 100% beef because they got so brown and caramelized, yum!) 
- 1 kebob skewer (or more, but you remove them once you're done) 
- cutting board

- sharp knife

Check out the video below for more of a visual instruction.
Heated grill and you're all set!


Libellula Jewelry™ said...

It certainly looks as if Spring has "sprung" at your place! Be sure to pet the kitties for me. =^..^=

Amatullah said...

haha, love it!! ...and the kitties thank you for your pettings :)

Gerlinde in Washington said...

What handsome cat!