Thursday, April 25, 2013

Froyo... and Gelato?

Seems everywhere I look now there is a new froyo place! They're popping up everywhere in the GTA.
I've never been a fan of ice cream, and even less a fan of froyo since I prefer my yogurt balkan, full fat, natural meaning PLAIN not VANILLA (no sugar)  - Once I sent someone to the store to get me plain yogurt and ended up with vanilla, didn't realize that most people don't actually eat plain yogurt, which is the only way we ate it in the Middle East (and for thousands of years I'm sure!) 

Give me a piece of bread, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt over my yogurt (strained yogurt- Lebnah) and I'm a happy girl! 

With all that said I still like to try something new from time to time and since ci gusta! advertised gelato I went in there and found out that it was soft serve, so I chose the salted caramel which was delicious! 

Earlier in the week I ventured over to one of the newly opened Menchie's. They offered tons of varieties of flavours and toppings. I can see why the place was packed with kids, they must love it! A little overwhelming but I liked it just as much if not more than Yogurty's (sorry :( it's just their yogurt tends to melt so quickly which I don't like) Menchie's watermelon was yummy! Didn't like the chocolate or red velvet though. 

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