Sunday, March 10, 2013

Road Trips

For the last two weekends we have been hanging out west of the city in St.Jacob's, which is always terrific of course with the farmer's, flea and antique markets! There is never a dull moment and here is a little photo gallery of the "day"
We discovered a cool maple syrup museum, along with a railroad museum and much more all in one building on the main road in the town of St. Jacob's.... there are galleries, shops, pottery shops, quilting, tons and tons of fantastic stuff to browse and buy.

Such a fun time!  I'm looking forward to going to my first maple syrup festival this spring and I promise (as always!) there will be pics! 

A piece I picked up at one of the two antique markets in St.Jacob's close to the farmer's and flea market buildings.   This will be beautiful on my kitchen table!

My sisters love Little Caesars but I've never had it before so we indulged ourselves in two pizzas late in the evening after the long day out.

Jappie lounging on the sofa :) Cute as ever.

We just had to make another trip out at midnight to get some McDonald's ice cream - it's a bit of a ritual of ours :)

Here's a little field mouse I found in the morning before leaving my home, he seemed to have passed away of natural causes but I think he deserves a little tribute and since I had to run out so quickly (running late) I gently placed him in the bed of flowers. May the little sweet baby rest in peace.

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