Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BBQ & Soda Tasting

Some photos from our Beef BBQ and Soda tasting a couple of weeks ago.... and an interesting peanut butter soda float that we came up with ^_^


Asiya said...

yummm the food looks AMAZING! I need to stop browsing your blog while

Where can one pick up peanut soda?

Amatullah said...


Thank you for visiting! Yes these shots were taken shorty before Ramadan and I was very ate in putting them up (busy with other recipes and things)

The soda was from a specialty soda shop we have here in whitby, Ontario that carries a wide variety of them mostly from the U.S
Try looking online? Or locate a specialty soda shop in your area.

It was odd tasting, hehe, just so you know but in a float it was better.