Monday, June 4, 2012

Samsung Flex Duo™ (FE710DRS) range

I wanted to write a review about my new stove, because it is fairly new and just in case anyone out there is interested in buying one, here is what I have to say so far about my experience :)

Around February my old stove finally gave out, it was pretty old anyway so no surprise there! I went to look for a new stove but there was just so many options out there...
I learned that the only way to actually settle on something is to make a list of the features that were essential to me in a stove, and they were the glass top (no coil elements!) and convection fan in the oven for the option of convection baking.   Other options were stainless steel (to match other appliances in the kitchen) and then something with knobs, and not too confusing tech wise.   You'd think it was pretty easy to choose something with this criteria,

At the store there were just so many options to choose from, it became confusing, ideally it would have been great to pull features from each and make my own stove with all the elements I wanted, but that's not really possible.
I was drawn to the LG ranges because of the Lapis blue color lining inside the oven, it was really eye catching but the prices of the LGs were quite high.
The double door ovens with the two separate temperatures for cooking two different dishes were new to me, they were interesting but priced much higher than the regular ranges and this isn't really a feature I needed.

To my surprise I noticed the samsung ranges (did not know samsung made stoves!) then I saw the Samsung Flex Duo stove, it is interesting not only due to the fact that you could use two different temperatures in the oven because of the divider which works like a double door oven but also that it is a super large capacity so once the divider is removed (easily slid out) you have a big oven (perhaps one of the largest on the market) to roast a BIG turkey, pretty good!

Of course the temperature is not as accurate as a double door (each sealed and it's own separate oven) because in this one some heat can escape into the opposite chamber but it's still supposed to work fine.

The physical features in this range are really nice, the knobs with the red touch make it look quite attractive and everything electronic in the panel is easy to use, I did not struggle with it (complicated electronic things really bother me)

After a lot of research I made the purchase and it was shipped out within a week from my local big box store and I began using it right away.

Fast forward a few months, in late april the glasstop shattered, out of the blue, I was using all the appropriate pots and such so this really scared me.   Thankfully they sent out a repair man to replace the entire top, and that was easy and quick to install.   I'm very careful with it now, I've always been careful but not sure what happened to cause the cracking so to be on the safe side (and thanks to the mothers day sale at the Bay) I replaced all my pots just to be safe.

I've used my oven, stove and new pots quite a bit so far but it's going to be exciting seeing what recipes I can whip up this summer.  


Sheila Jones said...

I bought the same model oven, and a few months after the 1 year warranty ran out, the bake function ceased to work. Only the convection function works now, so all my cooking has to be convection. It's the inner computer that is broken, and will cost half the price of the stove to replace. If anyone else is thinking of buying this stove, get all the extended warranties you can, as replacing the computer is only warrantied for 90 days. Wish we had bought a different stove.

Amatullah said...

So sorry to hear that Sheila! I haven't experienced any issues with it after the top shattered and was replaced. I will definitely check warranties and try to get the longest one available, thanks for putting this comment out there and hopefully it'll help others who may have gone through the same issue or prevent it.

Anonymous said...

Hi - we just bought the same stove; the plates make a very soft, low pitched buzz when turned on. Have you noticed this sound on your stove? Thanks!