Monday, April 23, 2012

Kalter hund

Here's a fun recipe! Great for kids too, no baking required.

My mother used to make a few variations of this German cake, but this time I did a simple melted chocolate and cookie (there were some hazelnuts in the chocolate) and it made a perfect snack for gaming on the pc (Yes you heard that right, I prefer the PC to console gaming :))

Basically it's very simple, just melt your favourite type of chocolate and get some of your favourite cookies, we usually use the social tea cookies (we call them "Baby cookies" in our house) but you could do an arrow root cookie, or digestive biscuit or graham cracker, whatever you like!

Layer the chocolate with cookie and set in the fridge then slice it, it may break a bit but it's ok because the crumbs make a nice topping for ice cream ^_^

You could add some heavy cream to your chocolate for more of a softer "ganache" or my mother did a chocolate pudding cake like this where the cookies softened up nicely like layers of cake while it set in the fridge.


P.S it was a super rainy day today, drizzle would not stop so it made it hard to take some good shots but I gave it my best shot. The rain is great for the garden but I hope the sun returns soon.


The Vox said...

This looks sooooo good! I would've never thought of making anything remotely like this, but now I have to try it! Thanks for the recipe :)

P.S. I prefer PC games over console games too.

skoraq cooks said...

I am sooo making this dessert at home :-) Thanks very much for inspiration :-)

キーリん♡ said...

Oh man, those look amazing ♥ Thank you so much for sharing these! Definitely gonna' have to try making them X3

~ Kieli ~