Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls by Adventuress Heart
Cabbage rolls, a photo by Adventuress Heart on Flickr.

Delicious cabbage rolls using leftover rice and that cabbage that has been in the fridge for a while.

If you have too much rice on hand this is the perfect recipe!

Mix cooked rice with fresh herbs (mint/parsley - pulsed in the processor with onion and garlic)
Add aromatics mix to tomato puree (or tomato paste + water) and mix well, I sneaked a little harissa (north african chili condiment mix into it) . Add salt/pepper to season and any spices you like (I add arabic 7 spice, gives it some warmth)

Mix the tomato mixture with the rice and begin stuffing/rolling your cabbage leaves (pre cut and boiled briefly in salt water to tenderize - can do this step ahead of time and drain then refrigerate for use)

Line your pot with the cabbage rolls, or your casserole. Add a bit of water to the bottom (not too much remember rice is cooked! ) and bake until it smells good.
Add more tomato sauce on top to cover and a layer or sauerkraut if that is your preference.

They taste better the next day!


Anonymous said...

Mmm yummy, my boyfriend is turkish and his mum makes something similar to this.

Always delicious

Anonymous said...

yes, I will eat these