Friday, September 24, 2010

~ Watermelon jelly ~

The other day I came across a beautiful thing: WATERMELON JAM

Or jelly... it just sounded very foreign and unheard of and since I had a ton of watermelon on my hands I figured why not give it a try. Preserving is not my thing, I've honestly never done it and am just not in my mind frame to learn how to do it right now, perhaps sometime in the future so any recipe I come across that does not involve actual canning I'm in!

Bought the pectin and decided to go for it, first time it actual did not turn into a jelly and that was because I let it come to a strong boil but wasn't sure if it was 220 degrees as the recipe mentioned, the problem seemed to have been that the watermelon was frozen and thus there was a lot of extra water in there so upon emptying out the jars again and reboiling it with a good candy thermometer clipped to the side of the pot it seemed to work. Took quite a while to reach the right temperature and was more like a syrup.
I added more pectin and it turned into a jelly in the jars while cooling on the counter!

Here I figured the beautiful jam on some feta and watermelon with a little mint, my twist on the classic mint-feta-watermelon combination. The flavours are all very complementary!

This jar is for my little sister who adores anything and everything watermelon, her love of the melon inspired me to make the jam!



Carolyn Jung said...

I'm a bit of a jam-a-phobe, too, because that whole water processing step rather freaks me out. But the thought of watermelon jam is so intriguing. I love that you can have the taste of summer all year round with that.

Anna said...

I'm so happy to see that you tried it, it looks beautiful! And thank you for linking to my blog :D