Friday, August 6, 2010

Supermarket trip

Hehe, just a whole bunch of stuff I picked up, most of it on 25-50% off clearance which is the pink stickers you'll see from the canadian loblaws superstore chain.

Some of my favourites are housewares bamboo cutlery tray $5, mandoline veggie piece $19 and entire cutlery set (Above) that didn't scan up for any price so I dragged it to the cashier to see figuring it would be expensive anyway and would tell her I didn't want it. They called the housewares who were also confused as there was no price so they came up with 29.99 and took 25% off due to the pink sticker which was on it. I took it for $22 something. The online price on their site says $100 US! What a deal or steal!!!

The mini cartoon like ceramic creamer is for my sisters.

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