Saturday, April 14, 2007

Henna Penna examples

HennaPenna (day 1)

Black HennaPenna

HennaPenna (day 2 or 3)

Black HennaPenna

Above are some examples done with the HennaPenna, just quick scribblings to test it out.
It's an interesting pen that is double sided (thin and thick) and come in a variety of colours (though the red and black seem more natural to the authentic henna colours) The pens are made of natural ingredients only and easy to use just like a marker! Last for up to 5 days from my experimentation!


Nabeel said...

i like it .. usually they go on the palm but the wrist idea is nice too :) You should check out the Henna section of our flickr album.

Amatullah said...

Nabeel, thanks for your comment! And indeed when I find the time to make an intriquite palm design I shall (insha Allah)
You're album is amazing, as always (love the henna of course)!!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

i love the smell of henna.....for someone's who's got recently married, the smell of my wedding's Henna still remains with moi...:)..beautiful job here :)

Amatullah said...

moi, I do too!! While all my sisters can't stand it. A late congratulations on your marriage and wedding : ) Thanks for stopping by!

~mE said...

lovely pictures and amazing design

Sugarlips said...

Adveturess this is prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
I really like the design very intricate...Looks like a wrist bracelet...Good job missy :)

Stay Beautiful..!

Amatullah said...

Me - thank you :)

Sugarlips - shukriya for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment :)