Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bamia (okra)

Bamia (okra)
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Haven't had much to post lately, the weather seems to be changing day to day, two days ago it was sunny, then cloudy and now rainy, typical spring weather I guess.

Thank you all for your kind - get well soon - wishes :) I'm feeling a lot better and hopefully by next week this flu will be completely gone.

Today I've decided to post some mini video clips on a simple dish I prepared a while ago, the photo as usual went up on flickr. Okra is not something that most people are familiar with or enjoy, however in the middle east it is VERY popular and one of my favourite dishes since childhood, It's fairly simply and very yummy, usually made with beef stewing chunks but can also be made vegetarian.

Types of Okra (known as bamia in arabic) are fresh, frozen, canned or even dry.

Fresh okra can be boiled in a light salt water for a bit before adding into the sauce or can be added directly, canned should always be strained well and added at the very end because they're already cooked. Frozen can be added at boiling point and right before simmering.


- few tbsp Oil
- 4 medium garlic bulbs, skinned and slivered.
- 1 package frozen okra
- 1 jar of strained tomato
- salt/black pepper


- Oil
- 3 cups Calrose rice
- 1/2 cup Vermicilli noodles
- Salt

1 3/4 cup water per cup of rice.

If you're going to add stewing beef, saute/brown it with the garlic and then add tomato and boiled water then allow to simmer until it's done. Once the meat is tender add the okra and simmer a little bit more for the flavours to blend.


Sugarlips said...

Yum...Lovely pics and I had fun time watching videos and listening to u :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Amatullah said...

Sugarlips, thank you for stopping by and your good wishes:) Glad you enjoyed the mini clips too.


Anna said...

I love bamia - thanks for the recipe and I'm so glad I've found your blog! Found it while searching for "Iraqi baharat". I'm going to love looking through all your Middle Eastern, and other, recipes.