Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Break

Spring like weather has arrived, it's so beautiful and sunny outside (a bit chilly but so what). March break is also here and several canadians make trips to the US, some even go as far as europe. WOW, I can't imagine travelling to europe for a week, by time I get there and adjust to the time difference it will take about two days, then how many days do I have to enjoy myself before praparing to go back so that I can again adjust before school??? STRESS!

*ohh well, that's just me*

Another example of spring's arrival is my cat, who's driving us all insane by acting crazy. She won't fall sleep like usual during the day and makes us follow her around by despirately meowing for attention. *she is spayed if that's what you're wondering*

Did some cleanup in my room, I actually enjoy cleaning my room believe it or not, well, I actually should have added that to my last post about weird, odd and unusual habits. Again if I think about it I've got loads of weird habits that would probably top 1000 points. lol
Come to think of another habit, I'm sure you've heard the term "using food to medicate oneself" that can't be good from the sound of it, however it's a common symptom amongst us humans during depression and several other psychologically disturbed times.
In my case I tend to use that form of therapy a lot, but with a bit of a twist, instead of eating the food I prepare it, loads of it, first courses, appetizers, main courses, desserts, foods marinating in the fridge for the next couple of days. It's like I've got a whole schedule and I can spend hours and hours in the kitchen but when it comes to eating it I just can't... however it's very stress relieving for me, maybe it's about feeling in control? who knows but my family sure love it, it's like having a personal chief right here at home! *ohh they'll probably be the ones gaining the weight* ; P

Well enough of my oddities..

I'm working on a new flickr project, perhaps creating a new set with natural looking day to day snapshots, I've got a few already in my albums, some already taken but I plan to expand them into a seperate section.
Also I've got several new ideas for my next video cooking projects.

So here I am watching my sisters play Star Wars battle front on Xbox360 .. since we're on the subject of star wars, here are some youtube clips that my sister brought to my attention, they're hilarious (I laughed so hard :D)

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