Monday, March 5, 2007

Dubai photos are finally up!

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After sorting through literally hundreds of pictures on my sisters laptop I managed to upload them to a new album on flickr. Wow, seeing them again was so exciting, this particular photo was taken I believe at Jumeirah, either the hotel or something. At the time I wasn't there since I left my dad and sisters and headed to Yemen. Later I visited Jumeirah on my way back in July, it was night and dad, myself, step mom and her mum were headed to the Shaku Maku Moroccan restaurant.

I was surprised to find most of the pictures about food, gosh we spent like two weeks there and my sisters documented our every move, especially every single thing we consumed.

Anyway, another weekend goes by without my notice, maybe because I've still got the "Foodies" spending my days in the kitchen cooking like there is no tomorrow, lol.

It's so weird actually, last year at this exact time I was really ill and developed aspiration pneumonia due to the leakage of some gas in a taxi that I was was riding in. Today while having lunch I got a rice stuck in my windpipe, I could feel it travel to my right lung and all afternoon it was pretty irritating, I hope it's not too serious as I can still feel it there.
My mom said a friend of hers mentioned how her husband got a watermelon seed stuck in his lung once and after years he sneezed it up. Well thankfully a rice grain is much smaller and as I've read usually aspirated food is broken down and absorbed back into the body.

As for other news, next week daylight saving +1 hr begins. Thinking back now I wonder if this goes on the middle east as well, I don't remember it at all in Yemen, however in Iraq I think we used to do it.

I haven't gone out in a while and have no intention to as they're saying it's really cold *sigh* All I've got is hope, looking back on the old summer pictures and keeping myself occupied with anything I can find.
Yesterday night I did a bit of Henna since my mom made a bunch for her hair. It's actually the very first time that the henna came out very dark in my skin, wooooooohooooo!! I'm really excited about it.
I began with a small pattern at like 11 PM while the news was on then it just grew so I decided to sleep with it after covering it all up with a plastic bag, it wasn't that comfortable but at dawn I found myself awake and then washed it off. I'm loving it!

On friday another totally weird thing happened, I ordered a package earlier last week and it arrived last friday or so, now the funny thing is that this week I wasn't expecting anything and yet my sister came up with a package that had my name on it. It appears the online shop sent me two of the same item by mistake so I had it sent back, simple mistake but quite funny. Somehow I had a feeling that would happen when I placed the order and emailed two persons to make sure my order went through, both packaged and shipped out a seperate item and mentioned to me so, yet I didn't want to question anything or cause any confussion, turns out what I suspected would happen actually came true ; )

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