Saturday, February 3, 2007


I've been having loads of fun with lately, the latest batch of photos were a bunch from the summer that I decided to upload for fun. At the moment I'm still waiting for my drum to arrive in the mail as well as a Henna Penna that I ordered today.
Never realized something like the Henna penna existed (was thinking of inventing it myself) I LOVE black henna (it's pretty toxic and I've never used it but the colour is phenomenal!) so after discovering this Henna pen I placed an order for both a natural and black so lets see how it goes.
Also have been doing a lot of drawing lately, some are in my flickr account and more are going to be loaded soon, nothing special, just scribbles but I enjoy designing new outfits and hair styles and what not.
Yesterday evening I curled my hair, it looked so nice and some curls are still intact at the moment, I love the curly hair look (well don't most (all) straight haired girls) - also been experimenting with the mineral makeup from everyday minerals in the past few days and I'm just loving it to death, yesterday I tried the mystic nights purple eyeshadow wet as an eyeliner, it's still ON! I'm going to try black, emerald green and a few more next. This stuff is so fun - "morocco" reddish eyeshadow made a beautiful lipstick, add some gold for an evening glimmery look. Absoloutely stunning! The smokey looked lovely on my sister when I did a smokey eye for her, her eyes are so big and brown and she looked so sophisticated for a 15 year old.

Here are some photos of Morocco that I found on flickr (courtesy of a bunch of members), I thought they were so beautiful .. just wanted to share.

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