Friday, February 9, 2007

It's friday and all my hopes of a package arriving have been lost, well my Henna penna should probably arrive before the Drum, as for the drum I just recieved word by email that it wasn't shipped yet as an extra $6 had to be paid so I immediately sent the payment and hopefully it won't take too long to get here.

Lately I haven't been working out, it's so cold and the skin on my fingers are cracking and bleeding, horrible horrible weather and no matter how much cream or whatever kind I use there are no improvements. Fridays are usually relaxing days and I don't workout anyway, though I intended to start today since it got put off again, well tomorrow for sure (inshaa Allah) maybe after dawn.

This summer we plan to go to the museum hopefully, but I hope there will be a new interesting exhibit, regardless there is always the lower level which we haven't had a chance to visit last time we were there since grandma was getting tired. I've been there twice and still I'm very excited to see it again, and to take my camera of course.

Another place I'd like to go is Gerrard (sp?) street here in Toronto, I hear it's where all the indian shops are, sounds exciting but I've never been and so far mom has been hesitant about going but this summer I'm going to insist!
The last few summers we've gone to Ontario Place, but it's getting boring since the only ride my sisters will go on non-stop is the adventure ride and it's such a waste to pay that much to get in just for one ride.
We were at niagara falls in august, that was fun but don't think we'll revisit the place until a few more years.

These weeks are soooooooooo boring, nothing to do, no where to go but I heard it on CityLine as well that most people think Feb. is boring anyway. Tomorrow we're making Salmon biryani, I already took out the salmon and let it thaw in the fridge, thats always something to look forward to ; )
These two months or so I've stopped going to my therapist as well, hoping to resume perhaps when the weather gets warmer but I also want to go to Dubai before the next study semester begins, so much stuff on my mind *sigh* .. taking it one step at a time *breathing....*

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