Monday, February 5, 2007

Keeping warm and optimistic

These days have been super chilly, between trying to keep myself warm and busy keeping an optimistic atittude I'm dreaming of hot country where I can run away to (well more like travel to)
I've got some ideas of returning to Dubai perhaps if possible for educational purposes, I'd really love that because I can't see myself spending a whole year here in Canada in the cold. No way!
Do I have any ideas of WHAT I want to go into? sort of.. but not really sure yet. I really only believe that one should do something they TOTALLY love, while my family try to incourage me here and there with ideas I just don't see any of them workable, at least I'd get bored sooner or later.

*Dreams* How I'd love to own a little shop with beautiful rich ornaments, lights, carpets, handicrafts, tribal jewellery and a whole bunch of unique pieces from around the world (all my favourite places like Morocco, across the middle east, turkey, arabia, stretching all the way through persia, afghanistan and so forth. I'd watch the shop during the summer and during the winter I'd travel around buying and selecting new merchandise for my shop. *sigh*

Regardless of what I choose I'd definately like to get into relief work like my dad. This work alone would satisfy me, maybe womens rights, conselling or something.. I know there are many women in several countries who need emotional support and someone to talk to. Whether I'd be a good counseller or not I'm not sure but I think I know a thing or two about being on the other side of the fence and therefore I'd definately be willing to sit down and lend an ear and hopefully a bit more if possible.

Here are my flickr favourites, I've gathered them from several talented fellow flickr members, they're all beautiful and though I'm not able to mention all their names right here if you'd like to view a particular photo(s) feel free to drop me a line.

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