Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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Feels like I'm getting a cold, ahhhhh, such a terrible feeling, slight headache, body aches, appetitie deminishes... Blah.
I may have caught it from one of my mom's little clients whom she brought over the other night, cute baby but I'm really not much of a kiddy person.


*Whos the one blowing bubbles on the balcony all day yesterday*

LOL. I guess I like to be a kid myself sometimes, it feels good. I had a sudden urge to blow bubbles so I mixed up some bubble solution, made myself this cool cone thingy and started blowing huge bubbles during a snow storm. Surprisingly they lasted for quite a bit floating around outside!
I wonder if anyone saw them from their windows *hmm*

This morning *more like noon come to think of it* my sister and I made pumpkin pancakes, it was fun flipping them on the grill and trying not to make a mess, plus they turned out super.
It's a beautiful day outside today, too bad there isn't anywhere to go. Hoping to go to Square One soon to pick up some more olive conditioner.
I just placed an order for a box of Himalaya Herbal shampoo that should come soon. I love the stuff, it's simply amazing but the only downside is that I haven't seen it sold locally like in Yemen and UAE.

So whats with the picture?? Well it somehow has to do with the spirit since today I totally got my shimmy *almost* - *hopefully* under control. It's the best and longest shimmy I've done since I began. I'm so excited, plus I've got the 3/4 shimmy almost there too. This calls for a celebration, maybe it has something to do with being sick, hallucinating and all?!...

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