Sunday, December 3, 2006

Jumeirah in Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Beautiful setting, by the water, shopping, dining and resort place, very enjoyable and most of all I'm in love with the decor at these places, so luxurious and "arabian".

We had dinner at the Moroccan "Shoofi Maafi" restaurant, the tagine we ordered was simply delicious, as a vegetarian I skipped the harira soup but luckily there was a fava bean soup on the menu. After dinner my dad ordered some moroccan mint tea - sweet, refreshing and well .. minty!


Jumeirah Bab al Shams resort

Located outside of Dubai near the Arabian Ranches complex lies this magical place, I had the pleasure of dining there with my dad and family when I was in Dubai back in July.

I heard it was still quite new at the time however there were flocks of tourists heading to the resort which is actually surrounded by desert for miles and miles, a few palm trees situated here and there but thats about it, you can relax and spend your time in total seclusion away from the busy city in this paradise.

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