Sunday, December 31, 2006

2nd day of Eid

The plan was to wake up early and head out to Markham for a surprise trip, my younger sisters had no idea where we were taking them, it was really fun when they discovered that we arrived at the Pacific Mall: the largerst chinese mall in north ameraica.

We had loads of fun checking out everything there, from cute little techy shops, clothes, to games, toys and food, there is also a heritage area upstairs which is made to look like a traditional market, we picked up some more SUSHI (raw salmon, veggie, avacado, and fried shrimp) then we left the place after strolling aroundfor about two hours.

We took the don valley back and my mom was actually running out of gas for the car, it was really terrible because she only stops at full service gas stations and all the ones we passed were self serve. Finally we found one which happened to be CLOSED, it was near Jarvis where mom and I go weekly to the area. She was forced to stop at a self serve after we've been so low and the car almost stopped, mom had her first lesson from a really kind lady who helped her out after she went in to ask for help.

I took tons of pictures while we drove off and around through the downtown, passed the CN tower and near the lake all the way home. We were all drained, tired and hungry as soon as we arrived home so we had our sushi and some fresh bread for a late lunch.. it was really amazing, I can't believe how much I love it.
My two sisters LOVED the fried shrimp sushi however when they found out that they had some caviar inside they freaked out and began washing out their mouths, it was hilarious and I doubt they're ever going to eat that type again, my other sister stuck to the avacado to be safe.

Later on in the evening we're invited to our grandparents house and at the moment my sisters are playing Tennis on Wii, well.. it looks like fun and I'm off to join them.

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