Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Willowtree Farm Full Share CSA + Eggs 2016

Yummy Kale and Feta burek, recipe here! 

A delicious pie using the ginger gold apples! Recipe for pastry here

The thanksgiving share, the brussel sprouts and yellow beans came in handy. I was going to include sweet potato but kept my menu simple instead. We ate the cauliflower leading up to thanksgiving. Keeping the brussel sprouts on the stalks kept them fresh and tender right up to the day, just a little something I noticed!

On tuesday right after thanksgiving we got this! A little sparse but it's post harvest so I'm guessing things are slowing down. I would have liked to see a delicata squash but I guess I can go get one myself from a local farm!

And the final box...  It was a great season!

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