Thursday, June 23, 2016

Easy Lamb Shanks

Until recently I've always felt that lamb shanks were a very intimidating piece to cook but then one day I picked up a pack at the local supermarket, both the new zealand spring lamb and PC have halal symbols on them and usually come frozen.
This is probably the easiest recipe you'll ever make, seriously!

Lamb Shanks

- 1 pack of shanks, 3 are included inside
- 5 big cloves garlic
- Salt and Pepper
- A drop of oil (grapeseed, or avocado oil or something that you would normally use to fry at high temperatures, not olive oil!)

Thaw your shanks in the fridge for a couple of days and then remove from package and pat dry. Heat a bit of oil in a pot and add the shanks turning from side to side so they brown evenly on the outside. All 3 fit perfectly in a large pot. Don't forget to turn on the fan and get yourself a splash guard ready, and I also lay a piece of paper towel over the splash guard so that it collects any splatters. Lamb has a lot of fat and splatters, plus the smell lingers so open the windows too if you can.

Transfer your shanks to a pressure cooker, mine is electric. Add the salt and pepper, and raw garlic cloves. Cover and set to 50 minutes. At this point I can just walk away because it's been set to high pressure, so once pressurized it will cook and then cool down and set itself to warm until I return.

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The lovely dish of rice that you see crowned with golden almonds, raisins and jewelled carrots is Kabuli Pilau and made to order from Mama's Kitchen, as well as the Spinach and braised veal dish, both absolutely delectable!

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