Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cast Iron Tea Pot

To know me is to know how much I love giving (and receiving) practical gifts!  That's not to say I don't like nice (impractical)  things but some of my most prized possessions are ones I can use so often in my daily life and take comfort in knowing that they've made my life easier and can handle a little wear and tear. 

This beautiful cast iron teapot was a gift from my in-laws. At first upon reading through the instructions I thought it sounds pretty high maintenance!

I have to say that it has not been empty a single moment since we've begun using it ( Other than while I'm asleep which I'll explain in a bit) Seriously, it is the most amazing teapot and we just can't get enough of it! 

The cast iron is enameled inside so upon opening the box and before it's initial use I followed the instructions and rinsed the inside with soapy water and a sponge. The outside should remain dry at all times.  There is also a warning to not get any oil on the outside as the cast iron absorbs it and the marks won't be removable, for this reason  I've put away the small drinking cups for special occasions as I don't want any lip marks forming on them, especially if drinking tea while consuming oily foods. 

Other than the teapot being a little heavy it is worth every penny! You can make the perfect green and white teas in it, which I've been doing (Buddha's blend from David's Tea!)  The little stand is a must as the outside of the teapot gets very hot to touch and propping it up on it's stand will avoid ruining, melting or burning your trays.

The little routine I have going is every evening and when all the tea is finished I simply remove the lid and dry the top (where the lid sits) with a paper towel to avoid any rust as that's usually where steam collects on the rim. I also dry the lid and set it next to the pot on a tray. Any small amount of water inside the pot will evaporate by morning and then the next day I add a bit of boiling water inside, swish it around and pour it out to clean the inside.  Now it's ready to use!

The taste of the tea is delicious and it stays warm for quite a while, also it always comes out at a perfect drinking temperature (when making green or white teas as the water isn't boiling to begin with)

We're not exactly sure how it works but the teas have been consistently delicious since we've began using it.

Coupled with the Zojirushi Water Boiler  we invested in last year they're a perfect team and every tea lover's dream!

Both of these make perfect gifts!  


Heidi said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and am glad I did. I've been looking for a teapot like this. Do you know where your in-laws got it?

Amatullah said...

Heidi, I believe they got it from costco, there was a japanese man doing demonstrations (it's travelling sales sort of, he moves from one store to the next)

If you're in USA you can try asian stores or teavana, or in Canada try pacific mall or teavana also .. or even online stores.