Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lebanese Zucchini in Yogurt

There are many many different ways to make this dish, this is just my spin on it, and you all know I like to keep things as authentic as possible but feel free to share your ideas. Also I will definitey try the different recipes in the future to see how they taste.

Lebanese Kousa BLaban (Zucchini in Yogurt)

- A couple of small lebanese zucchinis, tops removed and hollowed out

For the filling: 
Ground lamb
Rice (I use calarose)
Salt and pepper
Arabic 7 spice or a dash of allspice

You can either fry the lamb and mix it with the raw or cooked rice or you can use raw lamb as I did stuffing the zucchinis lightly.

Add the zucchinis to a large pot, laying on their sides and cover with hot water or stock. Cook until tender and rice is cooked through. Remove the zucchinis gently at this point from the liquid and set aside.

To create the Yogurt sauce mix Plain balkan yogurt with water and a tbsp of corn starch, whisk it well and cook in a saucepan bringing up to a boil.

For the topping: 

Heat some olive oil or butter in a small saucepan and add pine nuts toasting until nice and golden. Remove them from the oil and add a clove of grated or ground garlic, lightly cooking the garlic until fragrant.

To serve: Pour the yogurt sauce over the zucchinis and sprinkle with the pine nuts.


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