Friday, October 3, 2014

Molokhia Leaves

When you come home and realize they shop keeper has accidentally given you frozen Molokhia leaves instead of ground what do you do? 

Well you cook it anyway! 
As you all know by now I'm part Egyptian which means I enjoy Egypt's rustic national dish the Egyptian way, which means ground leaves simmered in a chicken (or pigeon, or duck, or rabbit) stock... 

I pretty much used the same principle of cooking, starting with the chicken, frying it up nice and simmered it to cook in it's juices. 

Meanwhile set a pot of quinoa on. 

Removing the chicken aside I used the same pot to heat a bit of olive oil, saute a lot of smashed garlic on medium low and add the molokhia leaves frying/sauteing it briefly.  Seasoning with salt and it all comes together on the plate, quinoa, chicken and delicious molokhia leaves which was a nice change from the usual. 

I'm looking forward to trying molokhia in different ways in the future, including the dried leaves!

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