Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt or Arabic strained Yogurt known as "Lebneh" 

4 tubs of balkan style yogurt (I buy them on sale for less than $2 each

A big bowl

2 strainers strainer
2 bowls
Paper towel (about 8 sheets connected) 
cling wrap

Begin by adding all the yogurt into the bowl using the spatula to scoop out every last bit. 
Whisk up the yogurt until it looks super creamy

Now place one sieve on top of one of the bowls and line with 2 pieces of paper towel (connected) and then another two sheets on top in the opposite direction like a cross. 

Add about 1/3 of the yogurt mixture into the paper towel lining the sieve - set this aside, it'll be your sweet version. 
Now if you want all of it to be sweet just line both sieves in the same way and cover with cling wrap and you're good to go but if you want a salty version too (for dips and recipes) then hold off.

Add about 2 tsp  salt to the yogurt and whisk in. Now pour into the other sieve lined with paper towel in the same way. 
Place cling wrap on top of both and set in the fridge for a day or so until all the liquid drains out, you may need to check on it and strain the liquid if it gets too full (otherwise it'll just soak the paper towel and yogurt again) 
You can strain it for up to two days or so and then simply remove the yogurt from the paper towel, it will kinda just roll out if you pull the moist paper towel onto it and gather the yogurt in the middle then just roll it into a zip lock container. 

Store in the fridge! 

For your sweet version create a nice dessert

- A couple of fresh figs (or favourite fruit) 

- 1 tbsp Orange blossom or your favourite local honey variety
- 1/4 cup Chopped pistachios
- Big scoop of fresh sweet greek yogurt

Layer the yogurt with all your favourite toppings and a nice drizzle of honey and enjoy! 

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