Thursday, June 20, 2013

A.Vogel BioSnacky Original Sprouter

Dear readers, allow me to introduce you to my buddy "BioSnacky Original" sprouter by A.Vogel

I'm feeling so fortunate to be part of the thirty blogger participants selected to be a part of this 10 day sprouting challenge using this interesting triple decker sprouter. 

Recently I've been incorporating more healthy posts into my blog, as you've probably all noticed and even though I hardly posted (I think) anything about sprouts I'm actually a big sprouts fan and started sprouting in my mid teens. 

I'm that person who hangs out at the health and wellness trade shows looking for what's new and innovative in the sprouting world. Somewhere around here I've got quite the collection of sprouters but that's all for another day because today (and for the next 9 days) we're going to be using this sprouter and I'll guide you through how to use it and let you know my thoughts about it as well as updates on how the sprouts are doing.  I've got you covered recipe wise too.

Earlier I began by putting the kettle on (a cup of tea is always a good idea!)  Honey and ginseng it was.

Next I took out all the pieces and rinsed them. Following the guidelines I measured out 1 1/2 tablespoon of each seed (it was coincidental that they all had the same measurements in the instructions book and I chose to sprout the mung bean, little radish and alfalfa leaving the fitness mix for the next round)

Taking turns rinsing each seed variety and sprinkling in it's own tray, I then stacked them putting the alfalfa at the bottom (sprouting time is a couple of days longer) and mung bean in the middle with radish at the top.   The red drainage valves are staggered so when you look from above you see all 3 distinctly in a triangle design.

I pour half a litre (about 2 1/4 cups ) of  filtered brita slightly cooler than room temp water (our tap water isn't so good so figured better to be safe). Pouring it into the top tray it slowly trickles down into the next level (its like floors in an apartment building, very cool to watch!)
It moves on to the third level before ultimately collecting in the bottom most vessel, and at this point the instructions mentioned discarding it or using it to water house plants.

I put the lid on top and it's all ready to go until it's next rinse. Luckily again all the seeds need the same similar rinsing times, twice a day, so I'm assuming every 12 hours I will pour half a liter of water into the top again and allow it to filter down nourishing and watering each tier.

If you're interested in purchasing the sprouter you can find it on the A.Vogel site here 
Feel free to follow and join the conversation on twitter under the hashtag #biosnackysprouts

Stay tuned for more!

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A Canadian Foodie said...

Found this on the facebook page, but thought - well, am pretty sure I commented on this last week. Fun to have one of these great little sprouters, isn't it? It is the recipe thing that I am finding stymieing... Just put them on and in everythign works for me!