Friday, January 25, 2013

Guava's 'n' cream

Strawberries and cream, peaches and cream... how about guava's and cream.  I love the combination, especially in milkshakes.  My mother used to make me guava milkshakes when I was really young back when we lived in Pakistan, they were my favourite!

I picked up some guavas at the supermarket this week and have been eating them over the week but today wanted to do something a little different. I googled guava salad but nothing really came up that caught my eye so I headed into the kitchen and took a whiff of the lovely fragrant little fruits to get some inspiration.

Whenever I'm on vacationing down in Cuba I enjoy these fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I can, they're always so pink and lush and irresistable.  The honey I brought back from Cuba sitting in the far corner of my counter caught my eye so I took a tbsp and heated it with a drop of water in a small sauce pan. 

In the mean time I chopped my giavas in rough bite size cubes (you just wash them and cut the ends off then chop them seeds/peel and all to eat) 

When my mixture came to a boil and after putting my little guava jewels into my serving bowl I drizzled with the warm mixture.    It looked good enough to eat at this point but I always like to make things a little extra special so I reached for the whipping cream in the fridge and whisked up a tiny drizzle into soft peaks (no sugar necessary) just a splash of natural vanilla extract. 

Now I topped my guavas with a few spoonfuls of the soft whipped cream and with a final drizzle of honey it was ready to dig in.  While sitting at the window and watching the fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky I have to say this really hit the spot with the tropical flavours of the guava and golden Cuban honey, it took me right back to a warmer place.

- 5 mini guavas, chopped in small bite size pieces
- 1 big teaspoon honey, a drizzle of water
- 1/2 cup heavy cream
- Splash of vanilla extract
- Another drizzle (1 tsp) honey

To make it even more tropically (and vegan!) use coconut cream whipped into a soft cream and top guavas instead of dairy cream.

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Libellula Jewelry™ said...

Sometimes the simple recipes really are the most divine--right?

I wish I was permitted to visit Cuba :(