Friday, November 4, 2011

Warm Green Bean Pasta Salad

One of my favourite warm (or cold) salads

Can easily be made into a pasta salad too!


-Boiled green beans (frozen or fresh - regular cut or french style strips)

- Red onion (diced or sliced thinly)

- Red pepper (chopped in small cubes)

- Salt & Pepper

- Lemon juice (a squeeze to taste)
-Olive oil
- Pomegranate Molasses (just a drizzle)
- Ground Sumac (just a pinch)

-Boiled pasta (optional)

Toss all the salad ingredients and let them sit for a bit, the longer it sits the more flavourful it gets.
For a pasta salad toss in the warm pasta and serve!

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Piee said...

I've been looking for other ways to serve green beans. I never thought about eating it in salad form. I feel smarter already thanks to you! =)

I usually saute my green beans with bacon, garlic, and onion; then drizzle it with lemon juice at the end.