Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I had a deep freezer I'd freeze ...

I want to make pretezels ... but if I had more room in my freezer I'd freeze them like last time since it's easier to make a big batch. They taste wonderful heated up because their crust gets crispy and the inside stay soft and chewy.. this got me thinking of buying a deep freezer.

Since I LOVE to make lists I thought I'd write out what would go inside it:

Lasagna (made with boil noodles)
Raw meatballs
Cooked meatballs

Homemade pasta sauces
Homemade pizza sauces

Homemade pizza dough
Homemade Pretzels
Homemade bagels

Artisan bakery breads
Pita bread
Homemade tortillas
Garlic bread (assembled from scratch)

Certain cheeses

Leftover slices of layered cream Cakes
Leftover spice cakes
Homemade cupcakes

Homemade whipped meringue buttercream frosting

Homemade fresh fruit purees
Freezer jam

Frozen berries and fruit

Ginger (for grating)
Chopped hot peppers
Lemongrass (cleaned and chopped)
Lemon juice with zest in it
Lime juice with zest in it
Simple syrup (for all kinds of drinks!)

Spice blends (like my arabic 7 spice blend)

Nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans..etc)
Seeds (roasted pumpkin and watermelon seeds)

Vegetable clippings for stock
(Shittaki stems, celery tops..)

Chicken bones for stock



Homemade Stocks
Roasted homemade stocks

Soups (for hotpot or pho)

Frozen boiled dry beans

Stews (like okra or goulash or gravy before thickening)

Homemade pet food
Homemade stock for pet food
Liver pate for pets


Jacklyn said...

Mmm those look too good! They look so soft..making me hungry : ]

Kitchen Barbarian said...

I've been wanting to make pretzels for quite some time. The ones you can buy in the yuppie pretzel shops just aren't as good - taking a pretzel that's already baked, slathering butter on it, and dropping some salt over it just isn't the same as baking it right the first time!

Maybe I'll get inspired now.