Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The smell, taste and feel of fresh baked bread is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. Like so many people I ADORE bread but try to keep my obsession under control or I'll look like a balloon .. since my early teens I've tried to bake bread but had no success. Flat breads were ok but I could never do a loaf or even a rustic style bread other than a christmas sweet bread sort of thing which my mother made from time to time.

Today I've had some success which I'm just ecstatic about!

What could have made me attempt this? I've got no idea!! I think the fact that I had some stew and was tired of rice, pasta and couscous and just thought some bread would be nice... and after visiting the supermarket almost three times this week I wasn't about to go back to pickup some bread so there was little to lose in giving this a try.

The recipe from the bread baker's apprentice seemed easy enough interpreted through another blog

Don't have a pizza stone so I used my metal tray and spritzing the oven with water seems important.


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