Friday, July 23, 2010

Into the hot pot they go..

Here are some steps for making hot pot from the other night, it's as easy as 1 2 3 .. to me the most important part is the good quality fresh ingredients and a good flavourful broth.

Following a Vietnamese pho broth recipe would be a good idea, I like to add some star anise, ginger, a few tomatoes for acidity a dash of vinegar and some sugar for sweetness and it all comes together nicely. A little bit of root beet went in too this time as I couldn't resist sampling it while making dinner, it was fantastic!
Toppings the final bowl with green onion and some thai basil is great also! Use any veggies you love and if you're noodle is super starchy like mine pre boil it a bit and wash the starch off so it doesn't cloud your final product.
Meat can be obtained from a butcher, you can choose a piece of frozen meat and have it sliced or slice it yourself at home while it's frozen, a little time consuming but worth it because the thinness of the meat has it cooking within seconds of touching the hot broth.
And don't forget to keep the broth at a rolling boil!! Use a portable element if you want to enjoy hot pot at the dinning table!

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