Monday, February 11, 2008

A trip to IKEA!

I can't tell you how much I love IKEA!

IKEA to me was always that place where furniture was made out of "pellet wood stuff" (which is still kind of true) and came all in flat boxes and was such a pain to assemble. I did not care for it much then, in fact I thought it was such a boring store... But now ever since we renovated our condo it's like an adventure going there, just hunting around for innovative and creative stuff. I know a lot of people who don't like IKEA, but I do believe that almost everyone can find something good there. (I hope)

A few cool little things I picked up while I was there:

Diska - Dish-washing brush


I can't believe the set of pots was about $ 13!!!! And they've got the best rubber gloves, just rubber and none of that flaky powdery stuff inside. The Samla bins are great too, they come in all different sizes, the tiny ones are so adorable!

Oh and this cute oven/serving dish thing, it's so tiny and perfect for snacks or making pudding/jello, it goes in the oven of course, the larger dish can bake fish, or a sweet potato. Just had to have that too.


Ohh and mustn't forget to pick up some IKEA cinnamon buns on your way out :)

Cinnamon buns


Sugarlips said... I wonder where have you been IKEA hehehehe :)

Good to see you posting my dear...I hope all is well with you...Its so cold here and being a lazy bomb I still haven't posted your stuff...pls pardon my laziness but don't worry soon :)


Stay Beautiful...!!

Amatullah said...


ROFL! Like that comedian from New York who stayed at IKEA for a week, that's hilarious. I do love IKEA. not sure if I love it that much ;)

Good to see you too, and no worries, I know how you feel, it's so cold out there I just dread the idea of stepping out or doing anything.
As we say in arabic "3ala rahtik" (take your time...)

Stay warm ;)