Monday, May 28, 2007


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My latest collection of photos are from Saturday's picnic. I had a wonderful time preparing everything, even though my mom was very discouraged at the idea of grilling, the previous day we had gone out shopping for everything including a charcoal BBQ and grocery shopping a few times (every store seems to carry different things around here so that's a bit of a headache)

This was the first time I've ever done grilling on my own, while I've always been invited to BBQs and helped out my grand-dad but never had any real idea how it works.
Last time I was invited to a picnic was around Feb last year back in Yemen, but I can't say I have many fond memories of that.
It was at Wadi Bani Matar (the valley of the people of rain or "tribe of rain") and while the place and setting were absolutely breathtaking I couldn't identify with the way things were done, a little disorganized to enjoy.

I don't believe entertaining should be stressful, if done properly it can be a great experience as I've discovered.
A notebook helped me a lot, planning and writing lists of everything, especially when it comes to foods that need 24 hours or so to be prepared.

Let's not forget the weather though, everything else was running wonderfully yet as soon as my sister and I carried the first batch of things down an unexpected shower started, we couldn't help but burst out laughing instead of getting stressed out. Quickly we went back up and thought of changing the plan to the park near by where there is a shelter, mother however would have to drive us there, and we'd have to take all the supplies at once. In ten minutes - alhamdulillah - the rain stopped.

My sister was a great help and those match light instant charcoals saved us a lot of trouble. Glad mom decided not to join us because I'm sure she'd start worrying the moment the flame erupted, we waited patiently for 10 mins as the instructions pointed out and sure enough everything went smoothly after that.

The setting was perfect, right on the grounds of the condo building, I've never seen this picnic area before!! Here are some lovely shots my sister captured. You may be able to see the stream and bride that run from the golf course down into the lake.


Back yard :)

Grilling seafood



Meat tikka  لحم تكة

Chicken Tikka دجاج تكة

Peppers on grill


Shrimp جمبري

Meanwhile my sister and I were downstairs my other two sisters and mom did some cleaning up on the balcony, and they prepared this lovely surprise for me...

Sufra wa mafarish - Arab Style

Basically they quickly put together this decorated "arab" mafarish, surfa style decor out there. I was truly speechless at how "middle eastern" it felt stepping out there. Loved it!!


Tafadhalu ..    تفضلوا الغداء جاهز

Peppers, tomatoes and onions..

While it was a wonderful day, I'd like to dedicate a portion of this entry to Remy. Sadly on Saturday the 26th of May, and as soon as we got down there and prepared the coals I spotted this little mouse that appeared to have died recently, he was so cute *sniffles*
I had named him Remy after the Rat character in Disney's new movie "Ratatouille" ..

My sister took these shots of the sweet little guy. Even though we never knew him we miss him and he'll always be remembered.

Rest in Peace little Remy. Below is a shot of the grave we've buried him in and decorated it with flowers.




Sugarlips said...

I've been drooling all over flickr and now here :)

Everything looks great and yummy, trust me all the hard work you have done a day before, doing groceries and buying BBQ grill was worth it :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

and :( @ little remy

PreeOccupied said...

The BBQed food and the seating are just so perfect.

Remy- RIP. You found a kind soul in *Adventuress*.