Thursday, September 6, 2012

Minty Dolma (stuffed grape leaves)

I love to make dolma, it is a favourite in our house... traditionally (in our kurdish culture) we make a big pot of assorted stuffed vegetables and include grape leaves. The rice stuffing also has meat, spices (just for flavour, not heat) and tomato paste but now since I'm begun making this simplified version with only garlic, fresh mint and olive oil ... and lemon juice of course.

It's a very simple and basic recipe and everyone loves it because it is an easy snack food and tastes great straight out of the fridge too.

I made a large pot here, using 1 and a 1/3 jar of leaves and close to 4 cups of rice, a big bunch of fresh mint and lots of garlic cloves. ... unfortunately I didn't have olive oil on hand this time so I opted for butter (melted it and mixed it with the rice) it had a nice flavour!

For the complete recipe you can refer to my other dolma posts here and here ... also here !

Normally the leaves are rather medium sized but this time I had almost a full jar of very large leaves which resulted in some super long dolmas if I didn't split the leaves. My mother tends to divide the leaves and make smaller ones but this time I thought I'd make thinner longer ones and it turned out quite nice, like a cigar, hehe.

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