Friday, August 5, 2011

Beef Shawarma

At the grocery store I picked up a few packs of pan fry thin steaks (like the type for schnitzel) which was reduced for a quick sale.

Sometimes they end up super dry once cooked so this time I thought I'd give shawarma a try with this cut, the yogurt marinade it stays in all night should help keep it moist.
These are a few trips I discovered for this cut:

Take it out of the fridge to let it come to room temp before baking.

Pour the mixture into a strainer and weight the meat down with something heavy. Let it sit until you see most of the extra moisture has leaked out the bottom.

Get your oven going on the highest (550 F) for me, and leave the pan in there to get super hot.

Now spread out the meat well on a parchment, it should be as spread out as possible.

Remember we don't put salt in the marinade overnight as it draws out liquid so salt it now on the parchment and then once the oven and tray is hot bring the pan out (using your oven mitts) and slide the parchment onto the tray.

Bake the meat and at some point a lot of liquid comes out so get a bowl and make a spout in the corner of the parchment, tip the tray a bit until all the liquid comes out into the bowl and discard.

Now bake until the parchment and meat is browned. It goes quickly so keep an eye on it.

You'll end up with juicy delicious shawarma strips!!

Here I served it with my homemade turnip pickles (recipe here) and my 24 hour kirby pickle slices I made two days ago (recipe here from last year's batch)


  1. OH MY YOU JUST BROUGHT ME BACK TO MY FOLKS COOKIN!!! THis is the BEST ever!!! OH I need to make this like ASAP!

  2. Oh yes please do!! Follow the recipe on the other beef post and also salmon shawarma is good too, it's one of the very early posts I made when I began the blog. The trick is to watch it in the oven and drain off as much liquid as possible to let it brown well. Let me know how it turns out!!

  3. Hello:

    Which cooking method do you prefer, the oven or bbq? thanks

  4. http://www.adventuressheart.com/2010/10/shawarma-attempt-number-1.html

    I love the BBQ!

  5. Beef shawarma looks healthy and delicious. Thanks for sharing fabulous post