Monday, August 29, 2011

Arabic Breakfast

This is how I serve the cheese. Since it is tighly twisted and pretty salty I cut about a quarter or half (the rest goes back in the fridge wrapped up)

Now with a quick twist of the twist it unwinds of comes apart then I soak it in warm-hottish water for a little bit to soften it and remove the excess saltiness.

Once it is stretchy and soft I drain the water and place it in a bowl and serve it along side sliced vegetables, fresh flat breads and tea!

A perfect breakfast.


  1. It's amazing .I am cheese lover and its pics are s tempting

    Tea is my fav .I guess You blog is one of my fav blog with lots of yummy stuff.
    Definitely following you .

    Follow me back

    Eid Saeed to you and your family .

  2. Add some Zhatar and lebne and you got yourself a party!