Thursday, May 24, 2007


Haven't been up to much lately, just taking it easy, enjoying the weather whenever possible and doing some cooking.

My mother recently purchased a deep fryer, while I'm not a huge fan of "fried" foods she says the thing is pretty convenient - I say at least the parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning convenience. Other than that its not that bad, though a bread maker sounds a lot more interesting, will have to borrow my grandparents' bread-maker and see what I can do with it. That should be fun since I'm a huge bread lover!
I've got a few new recipes in mind to try out as well, will keep updating on how that goes.

Today I learned about this yummy way to make broccoli, usually I'll just boil it, make salad, put it in veggie soup, mac & cheese, casseroles, or it goes into my "famous" "broccoli puffs" as my sisters call them, which is just a broccoli cheese mixture rolled up into a bread dough kind of like a savory cinnabon thing.

Anyway, this is so amazingly easy and incredibly good, just wash the broccoli, slice it down the stalk (or make a few slits in the stalk again) then coat with some olive oil and salt. Bake at 400 or so until they look like in the photo below! (the bottoms may get crispy and coloured, since the ones in the photo were after I had turned and removed them from the oven ;) )
I like cooking sweet potatoes and turnips that way also, cutting them up into equally sized cubes then just coating with oil, a bit of salt and even a dash of cinnamon then baking until they're tender.

It's almost summer, yay, my favourite season! Time sees to fly so quickly, we're already in the end of May (how'd that happen?) :O That means it's picnic season!! Well that's pretty much what summer means to me, and I love picnics!
As odd as it sounds, what I love most about them is not so much the whole gathering, fun, games, eating and all that, rather just the planning and preparation, cooking..etc. is what I really enjoy about it.
Hoping to get some good shots this year, now that I have a camera :)



  1. i love the pics on ur blog....what camera do u use, may I ask???

  2. Thank you! : ) My camera is a Sony Cybershot H1. Stay tuned for picnic photos coming up soon, thanks Moi!