Friday, January 5, 2007

Super Warm friday

Wow, today was just an amazing day! We had the balcony slidding door open all day long and I kept going in and out, the weather was so warm and lovely just like a spring day. I put the birds out in their outdoor cage and they had a warm bath splashing around, it was really fun watching them from the kitchen as I helped my mom prepare lunch.

Didn't manage to go out anywhere however my uncle came over and we played some more XBox and Wii games and then enjoyed a nice lunch of Iraqi Biryani which was so yummy.

Mom and I fried the little pieces of cubed potatoes and then mixed up the rice with spices, sauted almonds and raisins. Truly one of my favourite meals (especially when it's wrapped in the Pilawa: the rice mixture wrapped and baked in a thin flakey dough)
I was amazed to find that the wiki included a picture of iraqi biryani under a search for "biryani"- pretty cool!

I heard about a new show coming really soon on CBC called "little mosque on the prairie" my mom actually knows the creator of the show really well. So far I saw the commercials and a clip on the news yesterday evening, I recall them advertising the show by giving out shawarma sandwhiches (grilled meat) in downtown toronto with live camels to attract people.
We discussed this between our family and while it's intended to be funny it may be quite offensive or at least degrading, I mean I saw a clip where the muslim women were praying and they were videod from the back, it was pretty shocking (and not in a good way)
I'm going to at least watch the first episode but I doubt it's going to get any better - I actually have a feeling it's going to get worse as my mom said.

It's been a really lovely calm evening, and I'd better finish off posting this because there is only 20 m inutes left for the night ; )

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