Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Everyday Minerals

I'm back, weather is getting a bit warmer these past few days, I've been out once just to drop by the Source to pick up some wireless headphones (helps a lot when I'm exercising, don't have to disturb everyone with the noise) I don't think I'll get out until it's spring time or even summer, I do tend to hibernate over the winter.

Well, I recieved my second package in the mail and I'm soooooooooooooooooooo overjoyed with my everyday minerals that I can hardly keep the excitement to myself.

This stuff is so wonderful, the foundation kit was free (just have to pay for shipping) I highly recommend it, if you know how to use mineral makeup (swirl, tap and buff) then go ahead and order a free kit, find the right foundation shade for your skin tone and start replacing your old liquid or powder foundation (most brands out there are full of nasty chemicals!!)

Morocco eyeshadow

More to come...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cool picture!

Candles and pottery
Originally uploaded by Adventuress Heart.
Haven't had much to say in the last few days, life is just cold and boring, my skin is so unbelievably dry and I'm in need of tons or moisturizer. Today there was no hot water, it kind of felt odd because I didn't know how to move on with life without the dishwasher then it hit me that I had neither a dishwasher nor hot water all the time in Yemen and I used to boil water. My sister decided to wash her hair so I boiled a huge pot of water and she mixed it with the cold from the tap and used it.

Another weird thing about today is that I seemed to have placed an order for a open framed drum, having no expeirence using it I just felt it would be fun - also it's the only islamic instrument permitted for girls to use during celebrations like weddings and Eid so I thought I'd give it a try ... looking forward to mail is almost just as exciting as shopping (well, it is shopping except in a slightly different form)

So more mineral makeup and a daff are on their way here in the coming weeks.

Ohh and this picture I thought is just really cool, the affect turned out naturally - it's not like I set the house on fire with those candles ; O

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thinking again

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Well, here I am thinking again, or rethinking my life rather and how I plan or choose to spend the rest of it. It was an interesting topic that came up the other day when I sat amongst my three sisters in their room.

Like everyone else I have bad days and days when I'm just down, thankfully my life isn't as stressful as many out there but maybe it's just the winter that makes me feel uneasy. I have a few goals set, so far I'm pursuing them, getting active is one, I love our condo but I hate the weather outside yet I can't sit in here all day long bored out of my skull. Last year at exactly this time I was on my way to Dubai, then Yemen, there I spend my days outside my apartment for long periods of time, it was really fun and interesting, I've got into the habit and now being back in Canada just feels so boring .. the drastic seasonal changes are so annoying, I prefer heat all year round, everything feels so far apart unlike the middle east where I could take small walks around the nighbourhood or down to the corner store or grab a taxi for a dollar or so to take a trip down to the market place or to the mountains for picnics.

There are so many places I still want to visit, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia ............ the list goes on.

Career wise I've got some tough choices to make as well. Oh well before any of that I'd better read up so that I can get my drivers license.

And so I leave you with a picture of the family cat sitting on my bed absorbing as much sunlight she can get. *Ahh, the life of a cat*

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some photos

Thought I'd share some of the photos I snapped since I've taken up photography, it's really fun and I love the 'exotic' feel to them, I plan to take some more in the near future inshaa Allah.

The weeks are going so fast, the weather is colder and I'm bored out of my skull (ok, it's not that bad.. )
Can't wait for spring to arrive, it's going to be our first spring/summer here in the condo and I'm anxious to get out there and BBQ fish at the park across the street : ) The downside is that I'm really afraid of all the mosquitos around here, we've got the lake across the street, the golf course behind us and beside it is a large stream which runs right beside the building, I'm seriously going to have to look into buying a net for the balcony, something we can sit inside if we plan to sit out there during the warmer seasons.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Snowy Monday

Boy did the weekend go pretty fast, it snowed yesterday a bit but today we've got frozen ice on the windows and ice pellets on the balcony ledge plus there is white all over the golf and tennis courts, it's "officially" winter. How awful :( ok, for me at least because I'm no fan of winter or snow but my sisters are sure excited.
So here I am blogging and trying to keep warm as much as possible by guzzling gallons and gallons of hot green tea and waiting for spring to arrive. (At least I'm optimistic : ))

I've taken up some new activities over the week as well and I'm really really excited because I'm doing really well, but I won't mention them just yet. In addition to that some more physical activities like Wii Tennis (it does too count!!) and Yoga. (expert village website has some really cool instructional videos)

Other than that and the arrival of the long awaited winter there isn't much else going on here in Toronto ; - ) I'll leave you with a nice picture of a sun basking camel, I'd trade places with him any day.

Photo Credits: Wepstar on flickr

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Going Bare

BareEscentuals Bare Mineral kit below, includes a DVD which I watched yesterday night, if you want to try BM for the first time I would definately say go with the kit because the DVD is so beneficial and you'll need it to learn how to apply BM foundation since there is a special technique to it (fairly easy though) and also there are some tips for using the eyeshadows.

It's incridible stuff and the colours are so lovely, hard to believe it's pure minerals but it is.

The first two photos are of the beginners kit then followed by the iQuad eyeshadow kit which includes four glamerous colours ranging from a sandy tone to a gold, to a copper and then a lovely peacock green, Very shimmery and definately glam.

Next is a small pot of individual eyeshadow in a black matter tone, it is also an eyeliner when used with a moistened brush and applied along the eyelid, completely safe and natural, can use a blue or even a brown, all BM eyeshadow mineral powders can be used as eyeliners. I experimented with a sparkly pink and it made a nice long lasing line, very neat and just like a sparkly marker.
Also the powders can be used mixed with a little organic moisturizer and applied on the eyelid like a wet eyeshadow cream, or they could be used dry or with water for more intensity. They can also be used dry like pigments creating some really nice shimery party looks, very easy stuff and so flexible, just let you creative senses take over!

But do give BM a chance, the foundation provides excellent coverage and is not wet, cakey or annoying, the minerals sit on your skin allowing it to breathe all day long and it's completely natural that you can sleep in it, no problem!!
Many people tried it and didn't like it only to go back and figure out that what they were doing was wrong, either using too much minerals or not applying it properly, this is why I strongly suggeset the DVD kit which is valued over $188 USD and only for no more than $65, it includes all of the above.
The best thing to do is head over to Sephora and have the Sales Associate match a foundation to your skin tone then purchase the box instead of for example purchasing online where you can't match the right tone.
More photos of the colours coming soon, I promise.

Also if you feel like you're being discouraged because of the price, there are other companies out there, check out Everyday Minerals for lovely eyeshadow colours in matte looks, some people prefer EM to Bare Minerals, also you can use PayPal to purchase, I'm definately going to try them out, at least requesting a free sample.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Square One's Sephora and Bare Escentuals

Check out this amazing line of cosmetics!! Bare Escentual, completely natural and made out of minerals.
The foundation they say is amazing, and yes, I discovered that today at Sephora Square One.
The Sales Associate was so pleasant and she walked me through the steps, plus I purchased the beginners kit which includes a DVD tutorial.
Now their line is pretty unusual, I mean makeup made completely out of minerals which are placed in little clear pots under different name titles like foundations, blush, eyeshadow and even eyeliner!

I must admit after hearing about it I went sleepless the whole night, as soon as it was dawn I began plotting how to convince my mom to take us to square one so I could try out this marvelous new discovery. Ok, so I spend close to $240 CAN on all the above (not to mention the $150 for my sisters PlayStation 2) and then we decided to grab some arabic flat bread, olives, and Zatar spice down by a middle eastern grocery shop and then headed home.

I'm going to be posting more pictures shortly of all my new purchases, inshaa Allah

So next time you're at Sephora give Bare Escentuals a chance instead of Dior, Chanel, MAC, Benefit and many of the other poplular (and harmful) cosmetic brands out there.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A trip to Cloverdale Mall

It's a cooler day, but warm enough that I didn't have to wear a coat (well as usual, I hate wearing winter coats or any coats for that matter)

We parked close to the entrance and made our way into the mall, it was short notice that we were going anywhere at all today but all of a sudden mom decided she wanted to take the girls out to the park and they agreed on the condition that we go to Cloverdale (them going to EB games was their true intention covered up by park and Yves Rocher coupon excuses)

Just a short while ago we recieved this coupon with three scratch spots, one said to recieve a free gift which was a lipstick and another was 50% off two regular priced products as well as two stamps on my Yves Rocher membership card.

My sister mom and I hearded to Yves Rocher while my youngest and second sister went off to the gamer stores. It was a fun afternoon and there was a huge sale going on so I picked up some of my mom's favourite frangrances along with some darling little perfume creams.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Shopping at Sherway!

Today is a lovely day, the morning was a bit windy but the sun began to appear as soon as we left the house.

I'm really high spirited today - got to got to the mall earlier even if it was just to pick up a new memory stick for my camera and pass by the Body Shop!
It was fun though, the body shop was having a big sale so I got some great deals also I've recieved my 8th stamp which ment that I could pick up a free gift for $25

This s a sweet gift, never tried it before but it's part of the body shops eau de toilette scents, they're a small collection of all the scents and you can use them to mix and match and create new favourite scents. Very nice and I'm eager to try it after taking some pictures of it with my camera.

Also what I'm super excited about are the vitamin E moisturizing creams series. This stuff is great, and if you have really dry skin (like me) its amazing. So I decided to pick up a day face cream, then well, I couldn't resist and went wild ...
Had to have the mask..

AND the body lotion (which does wonders on the legs) and I simply love the scent, my mom thought it was weird but I like it, it reminds me of the arabic 3ood that I use to use in my apartment back in Yemen, can't stop sniffing it off my hand.

I also got the night cream then decided to cut it quits. Getting free gifts is really fun, now I can't wait to collect my free stuff from Yves Rocher sometime within this month. (I plan on getting some of my mom's favourite fragrances as a gift for her)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada

Just like the title says, it's hockey night, which means I'm pretty much bored to death while my sister enjoys watching and listening to two games at the same time. At least I have the commercials to enjoy! The Subway "never!" adds are pretty funny but if you watch them over and over and over and sometimes back to back they'll begin to get on your nerves.

Speaking of commercials that get on my nerves, the new Tim Hortons Yogurt and Berries.
It goes something like this, a yoga instructor is handed a plastic cup of Tim Hortons' Yogurt and berries and then she sits down and begins to indulge while telling the ladies behind her "bring your knees right up to your chest and make yourselves very round .. like a.. "
Then one lady says "berry??" - the instructor says with her really really annoying low kidish voice "like a berry - a plump little berry" while scooping out a berry from her yogurt and then goes on to shove it in her mouth.
Another lady behind her says "like in your yogurt in berries?"
Instructor answers "yes!!".. and goes on to tell everyone "you're berries! .. you're berrries.. you're berries, NOW BURST!!!" and all the ladies fall flat onto their backs.

This commercial is terribly annoying, my sisters and I can not stand it, especially when it's on during Entertainment Tonight breaks past 11:30 PM when it's on at every single commercial break!

Speaking of annoying commercials there are so many really funny ones out there, I could go on and on but just to name a few "head on" is probably THE most annoying one (it's american I believe since it's rarely on here unless followed by an american show) - YOP - A&W when the couple go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant then pass by A&W and have a "REAL DINNER" or what they called "dessert" - Bud Light and ohh so much more.

They come and go anyway, and I guess they attract a lot of attention as you see and that's their purpose so... what more can I say?.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Super Warm friday

Wow, today was just an amazing day! We had the balcony slidding door open all day long and I kept going in and out, the weather was so warm and lovely just like a spring day. I put the birds out in their outdoor cage and they had a warm bath splashing around, it was really fun watching them from the kitchen as I helped my mom prepare lunch.

Didn't manage to go out anywhere however my uncle came over and we played some more XBox and Wii games and then enjoyed a nice lunch of Iraqi Biryani which was so yummy.

Mom and I fried the little pieces of cubed potatoes and then mixed up the rice with spices, sauted almonds and raisins. Truly one of my favourite meals (especially when it's wrapped in the Pilawa: the rice mixture wrapped and baked in a thin flakey dough)
I was amazed to find that the wiki included a picture of iraqi biryani under a search for "biryani"- pretty cool!

I heard about a new show coming really soon on CBC called "little mosque on the prairie" my mom actually knows the creator of the show really well. So far I saw the commercials and a clip on the news yesterday evening, I recall them advertising the show by giving out shawarma sandwhiches (grilled meat) in downtown toronto with live camels to attract people.
We discussed this between our family and while it's intended to be funny it may be quite offensive or at least degrading, I mean I saw a clip where the muslim women were praying and they were videod from the back, it was pretty shocking (and not in a good way)
I'm going to at least watch the first episode but I doubt it's going to get any better - I actually have a feeling it's going to get worse as my mom said.

It's been a really lovely calm evening, and I'd better finish off posting this because there is only 20 m inutes left for the night ; )

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


So it's wednesday evening, Eid is over, New Year's is over and I'm spending my days at home watching my sister play "Trauma Center" on Wii - it's quite interesting.
Then we switch to "Call of Duty 3" and Golf, Wii sports and even I can play some Eleobits if we have enough time.

My cat spends her time sitting behind the XBox360 keeping warm, though the weather outside isn't too bad, it's expected to actually get warmer by the begining of next week (yeah double digits)

In the news, Saddam was executed, a lot of people are happy about that including a lot of my family members back in Iraq. At the same time it got me wondering how many more "evil" people are out there - we're done with him but there are so much more who've killed thousands and thousands of people (I won't name names and no I'm not getting into politics, I like to stay as faaaaaaaaaaaar away from it as possible - that doesn't mean I don't care or don't wish to get involved however debating is not my thing and so online and offline I prefer to keep it to a limit)

Now back to Eid, it was great, we took so many lovely pictures, I'm loving the new M.A.C eyeshadow shade in Yogurt, looks so good on me ; )

So we're into the new year now, I'm really looking forward to spring, summer, warm weather and BBQed fish! It was around last year this time that we we're in the stores buying luggage and preparing to head to Dubai, our flight was on the 19th and I left for Yemen on the 27th. I've pretty much missed last winter in Canada, and this winter is just so warm, I'm really glad about that - though sadly it's no good for the environment.

New year's resolutions??? No. I generally don't set any, this year however is kind of different and I'm looking forward to moving on and possibly setting some goals career wise.