Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cooking fish in Salt

1 box or bag of sea salt
2 whole fish, red snapper works good or any fish of your choosing. This was a grouper

Add all the salt to the pan and sprinkle with enough water to make a wet sand consistency, lay half of the salt down and flatten. Lay fish on top and then cover the fish with the rest of the salt creating a nice sealed coating.

Bake in Oven for about an hour or until salt is very hard and dry. I baked it on 425 degrees F. for about an hour.

No other ingredients necessary, like oils..etc. You can flavour the salt with herbs if you like, or add lemon slices inside the belly of the fish too before burrying it in the salt.

Use a knife and fork to slowly remove the layer of salt once it's done baking and then remove the first layer of flesh and set aside, remove the bones next and finally the other layer of flesh.


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