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Christmas 2016 Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

It's here! The 2016 Christmas Gift guide: Stocking stuffers edition! Featuring some of my favourite things, mostly local or non profit which is what makes it so great! 

We'll start with Saje because they're so hot right now, just making their big debut in malls across southern Ontario, they come to us from British Columbia after being established there for over two decades!

Gotta admit I had no clue what they were all about and often found myself just walking right past their stores. It wasn't until the expansion opening at Oshawa Centre that I received this cute tote filled with a bunch of goodies from the Guest services for doing some shopping on their grand opening weekend.  The tote included a little Pocket Farmacy from Saje and once again I just set it aside. At some point I made a note to visit one of their stores to figure out exactly how to use these little essential oil roll-ons.  

 People, they actually work!! The associates in store are so friendly and knowledgable, after a quick chat with one of them and bringing up a couple of videos on their facebook I felt like I had enough of an idea to navigate the world of essential oils.

I highly recommend starting with the little Pocket Farmacy kit, I promise you and your family will probably be using every single one in your lives.
There is one called Pain Release and I use it often on my shoulders, just rolling it on on the skin where the muscles feel tense. It starts off by releasing a lovely whiff or aroma and then I feel the warmth in my muscles as they begin to soften and unravel as the tension is slowly lifted off my shoulders.  This one is so fabulous because my shoulders are a real mess from carrying this ever growing baby around! 

If you suffer from headaches there is the Peppermint Halo, headache sufferers swear by it! And of course a Digestive Aid is always handy, none other than fennel oil which is, as was explained to me the only one that can be consumed because it's just pure fennel oil. Others are Stress Release, which I just sniff as I'm about to get behind the wheel and learn some driving, haha! Immune is the last one but oh so useful in the flu season. A little dab under my cheekbones and it lifted that stuffy congested feeling I had in my sinuses this weekend. 

The Pocket Farmacy is highly recommended as a starter, I think anyone can make use of it. This is more of a gift and not necessarily a stocking stuffer but that brings me to the next two. 
After so much success with using the other oils I thought of key problems I had in my life and wanted to see what kind of remedies Saje had to offer through their essential oils. The first one being restful sleep, mostly for my husband, and for this they recommended Sleep Well. 

Sleep Well is from what I understand mostly lavender, and as we all know is famous for it's calming and relaxing qualities. I would only advise to be cautious if you're a cat owner as lavender is toxic to cats and perhaps dogs too. Right now we're just using it to get a little sniff instead of rolling it onto our feet as recommended because the cats sleep on the bed. 

The next blend recommended to me is called Energy, and as I'm not a morning person and it takes me a long long time to wake up, yes, usually I'm still grumpy by lunch. With a baby up at 7 I needed something to snap me out of it.  This one is perfect! With Energy I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day! You can rub a little on your palms and then rub both palms together and hold 'em up to your face. This one really packs a punch!

Both sticks are sold separately and would be great stocking stuffers as I think most of us suffer from one of these two situations.

Click here to get started online shopping or head out to their many new stores now open in malls across the General Toronto Area

Now moving onto the FOOD, you know I love food gifts!! This is the most magical place I've discovered, Ten Thousand Villages at Oshawa Centre! It's a seasonal location but it is so awesome!!! From ornaments to stocking stuffers to jewelry and gifts, you'll find something for everyone on your list!  I just love love love everything in there, and obviously they are fair trade and made by local artisans around the world! 

I picked up some Zatar, which I'm so excited to try! Sprinkled on some pizza dough or thinly rolled out lavash dough these make yummy holiday appetizers.
Couldn't resist the large bag of true cinnamon, I've switched over from regular cinnamon to Caylon Cinnamon over a year ago. This is important especially when using it in baby recipes because it's not harsh on the liver as the other cinnamon blends sold in stores. This is the stuff  you want in your mug of hot water during flu season, a little drizzle of honey or pure Amber maple syrup and you're good to go. 

Couldn't resist the little lama ornament, he's just so fuzzy and CUTE!
All their ornaments are so unique and beautiful, I just picked up this one covered in jewel tone bells as my little guy was wandering out of the store every two seconds but the entire store is drool worthy!

To shop online, click here 

White chocolate drizzled old fashioned caramel popcorn all dusted with a hint of Peppermints! Doesn't this just say Christmas?! Another great brand by the lovely people who brought us Olive That! Hollywood Popcorn is the newest gem in Durham Region. The great thing is that they only use 100% Ontario corn, GMO free, offer tons and tons of varieties and flavours.. They got candy apples too!  This is your one stop shop party store! Go check 'em out!

Click Here 

 And not to forget all those local crafters, artisans and vendors out there! Usually they showcase their goods around Christmas through Churches, Christmas Bazaars and community events, so get out  there in your community and support these local artists

I picked up these hand knitted mitts at a local Christmas Bazaar in Oshawa over the weekend! Can you believe they were $4 each!

Last but not least, what could be better than these Chocolate Shortbread squares by local bakers Eat My Shortbread Company? All their baking is 100% natural, vintage style baking. They've been around for a while but I'm new to discovering their products and glad they are on my radar this year!   Can't get enough! The chocolate shortbreads are my fave, so rich, like a cross between a cookie and a brownie and just a little nibble here and there satisfies that Chocolate craving.

Click Here to check out all the different goodies they have to offer.

Hope you enjoyed this little guide, and I can't wait to bring you more!!!

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