Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Happy 2015 all! I hope you all had the most amazing holiday season and looking forward to a new and fresh year, I know I am!

With this flu making it's rounds lately it seems I just couldn't catch a break and on almost all the holidays this year.  I recall just finishing my Thanksgiving cooking, plopping that turkey on the table when  I felt that scratchy sore throat feeling, and once again the days leading up to Christmas I woke up with a lump in my throat every morning for an entire week. Fearing the worst was to come we kept the Christmas dinner light and easy this year with a roasted goose,  pretty dessert, and just simple sides like roasted potatoes and a fresh salad. Less calories to work off in the new year too! :D  

Just when I thought it was all over and feeling in the mood to get out there and celebrate the New Year I got stuck in bed on New Year's eve. With all that said and by God's grace we made it to 2015!!   I'm determined to stay positive, look on the bright side and make the best of everything, it's a start to my positive outlook for 2015!

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