Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Moving Forward, Adventuress

My first post of 2015 and I've been asking myself this question for over 2 years now.... Where is AdventuressHeart going?

I started this blog almost ten years ago, when people were still asking what the word "blog" meant, and today the concept of blogging has just about exploded!

For me there is a lot of negativity and pain associated with this blog, not just because of the journey I've been on these last ten years but because I started blogging at the lowest point in my life and through writing I was hoping to distract myself and pull myself away from things.

Like life this has been a journey for me and in the process I feel I've lost touch with many things, I've lost touch with the essence of AdventuressHeart, a girl in love with everything from history, heritage, tradition and all that makes up our beautiful culture in the Middle East today.

I've taken a break the last couple of years, slowed down and I now feel strong enough in my life to move forward... I'm not sure what that means in terms of this blog but I think I need to pick up the pieces.

We've come a long way.

I've chosen to share these photos in this post because they are happy moments

 The first set is of a simple lunch I sat down to enjoy one afternoon (at Bindia Toronto)  One of the rare moments I've felt alive in a long time .. or.... may be it was just the spices!

The next set is of a Lamb Kofta (meatball) curry which I cooked in my kitchen a couple of days later...   and devoured on the back deck, between rain showers.. the turmeric stained my finger nails but who cares, it was great fun.

p.s my apologizes as I haven't got a recipe to share today, it just came together like most of the cooking in my kitchen

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