Monday, May 26, 2014

Rhubarb Mouth Wash

From the Dr.Oz Show --
 "Rhubarb works as a powerful mouthwash to tighten inflamed gums and improve oral health. Mix 4 cups of diced rhubarb with vodka and allow it to sit for about 2 weeks. Swish 1 ounce for about 20 seconds every day after brushing your teeth."

Since Rhubarb has such a short growing season I had to get my hands on some ASAP, thanks to Whittamores farm I found a bunch and made up about one and a half jar.  Can't wait to try it!

Next I'll be trying the rosemary evoo treatment for thinning/balding hair, it was featured on the same episode, not really an issue I'm facing but figured it could be worth a try.  Increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles wouldn't hurt.  Stay tuned :)


Debbie Forchione said...

Please tell me, once you let the rhubarb sit in the vodka for the 2 weeks, do you remove the rhubarb from the mixture and discard?

Bella said...

Debbie, I was warned against using this recipe because of the danger of the vodka stripping the gums. Try chewing the rhubarb instead for the same benefit.