Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Boxing day blues

This morning I could hardly get out of bed, yesterday evening my legs began to ache but today it's unbearable, I'd say we walked around that mall at least 10 days (5 times around each, top and bottom levels) and even my sisters complains from the aches. I think I'll need another three days to recover from that, so I spent all morning watching downloadable episodes of Viva Pinata on the Xbox and then slowly began to clean up as I regained some energy.
Mom was up bright and early and she did all the Eid grocery shopping as well as pop by the hardware store for some plugs so we can put up a mirror near the front entrance of the apartment.
I'm still unsure of the menu, mom wasn't able to get her hands on a halal turkey but what we know for sure is that we'll be making a berry trifle (inspired by Animal Crossing! It was my youngest sister's idea when she overheard Filbert and another town villager speaking about the yummy dessert)
We'll have the trifle as a Eid brunch or when we get back from the prayer at 10:00 AM and after opening gifts.

We've begun wrapping gifts, pet kitty's gift was bought yesterday at the mall though it's a surprise so I'll have to wait until Eid to see what it is. We also picked out a cute little hello kitty keychain and wallet for my youngest sister as an extra.

Yesterday was really fun, and I made some great purchases, am I a shopoholic in the making? That's very likely but I think I did better than usual this time, after all who could resist, now I just need some slippers ....... and oh how I can't wait until the spring stuff comes out ... *"ok ok, must stop*

Not to get carried away I do have some personal guidlines in place which I follow to the T..

I hate when people's closets are overloaded with clothes, I remember once around 10 years old poping by my teachers house before school, she asked me to come in and showed me her room, she was young and still living with her parents but her room was a MESS, she had clothes everywhere and she really loved shopping/dressing up and looking good - she always did look good but when I saw how aweful her room looked it turned me off.
I don't want to have exess things that I don't wear or don't know even exist in my closet, plus I don't want to leave anything behind if I ever have to go on another adventure therefore ..

Rule #1: Must not have too many clothes to exceed the limit.
The limits are my two Delsey suitcases, a large hardcase and a smaller black trolly case, all belongings including from clothes, shoes, jewellery, personal items and sentimental things and even some books MUST be able to all fit in those two cases. (except for winter coat)

Rule #2 : Before purchasing an item at the store or mall I must analyze the following in my head:
- Whether I totoally love the item (liking is not enough)
- Trends, status and buying for fun should never influence my decission. - I must be able to match and at least come up with a whole outfit I could wear it with in my head.

Rule #3: - Charity: any item purchased over $100 - 10% of the price must be donated to charity, so $10 for every $100 or $100 on every thousand. The money must be on hand at the time or purchase or else the item can not be bought.

Rule #4: By any chance if I don't like what I bought or feel it doesn't suit me or fit properly it should be returned, hence the bill should always be kept in a safe place.

Now that shouldn't be too bad : )

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